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¶ Rob Lycett is an artist and Senior Lecturer. He has an MA in Smart Design, awarded in 2007, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Development (Higher Education Practice), awarded in 2005. For several years he worked in the graphic design industry as a senior designer and photographer, and before that he worked as a lithographic, silk screen and letterpress printer.

¶ His art practice is a collection of acts of poetic ‘stillness’ performed within various analogue and digital media, taking the form of films, books, designs, drawings, writings, typographic objects, digital installations and live performances. These acts are contextualised by drawing upon the literary theories of the ‘Ouvroir de littérature potentielle’ (Oulipo), the aleatory compositions of John Cage, and the Situationist International.

¶ Recent research outputs have included:

Fieldworks: Dialogues in Psychogeography (6th - 28th September 2019) Exhibition (Temporary Contemporary, Huddersfield)

Library Interventions (7th April 2016) Exhibition (Leeds Arts University)

trace.[instructions for mapping space] (8th Feb - 3rd May 2014) Exhibition (Huddersfield Art Gallery)

His generative drawing series, ‘re:draw’, was funded by the Arts Council (England) in 2005.

¶ A Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Rob currently contributes to teaching on BA Graphic Design and Animation courses in the School of Arts & Humanities at the University of Huddersfield [UK].