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draw(); is a generative drawing machine. When we draw we make marks. We also modify those marks to affect texture, tone, density…

draw(); modifies the marks it has made, by erasing a small portion of the graphic. The simplest eraser is the block. The program, written in ‘Processing’ [java], defines graphic objects in the Adobe Postscript language. Postscript is the most influential publishing technology of the past 20 years. It created desktop publishing by allowing the perfect translation of visual elements from the computer screen to the printed page.What you see, is what you get. WYSIWYG

The marks are simple, ultrafine lines, drawn between randomly chosen document coordinates.At each line end, a block of white erases the previously drawn image. A tonal equilibrium is reached, and the process can run forever. For the books, 15,000 iterations are allowed.

Exhibition history >>
Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

SightSonic Artists Platform, Temple Hall, York

Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax

29.03.2006 to 07.04.2006
‘Meme Pool’, Victoria Baths, Manchester

keywords: drawing, abstract, book, generative


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