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Eleanor Rees (The Word Hoard) with Rob Lycett (University of Huddersfield) & Ben Jones (The Phone Book)

Geohack invited interventions into the unobserved spaces of the town. Security camera blind spots (voids) were exploited for poetic purposes. Whilst in situ, the poets responded to the moment of their existence in that space and recorded it as a short text (sent back to base via sms).

Liquid Place (Wireless Space) was a series of 1 day 'bluesky'
workshops on wi-fi technology in Huddersfield devised and curated by Derek Hales at the University of Huddersfield. The workshops aimed to explore the potential of emerging technologies in architecture and the environment. The workshops were led by leading practitioners in their field. Groups of participants explored: new content development for mobile, wireless and responsive technologies; new, public and architectural interfaces; new environmental and social technologies; and new ways to engage with the dynamics of
architecture, the built and natural environment, in specific locations in and around Huddersfield.

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06.08.2019 to 28.08.2019
Fieldworks: Dialogues in Psychogeography
Temporary Contemporary [Huddersfield, UK]

keywords: sms, poetry, cartography, huddersfield, psychogeography


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