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§ hard water: river of stones

'hard water: river of stones' is a palimpsest of Ralph Rumney's 'Leaning Tower of Venice' and the Upper Calder Valley, which both have a history of flooding, with considerable impact upon the inhabitants and topography. The final form of this project is a unique, artist made sketchbook with concertina pages. A zig-zag of things. The river's water, native plant matter and geological materials (rock, soil) will be used to produce the visual matter of the book.

This project was actualised from a series of solo walking surveys/interventions, by the artist, exploring the 'deep topography' of the River Calder with its catchment (between Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd).

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Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography, September 2022 (‘Wish We Were Here’)

keywords: cyanotype, flood, psychogeography, sketchbook, narrative


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