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§ a sixty minute walk in the redacre

The digital film is an exploration of time, movement, and light from within the physical and psychological experience of making a walk.

The walk is a psychogeographic survey which takes the form of an archive of 385 still images. Movement and light is amplified by a slow shutter speed and close focus settings on the camera, which furthers the intent that nothing in particular is photographed during the walk. Images are mixed in an unexpected order so that the narrative of the walk is disrupted and becomes symbolic, as opposed to literal.

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08.02.2014 to 03.05.2014
trace.[instructions for mapping space]
Huddersfield Art Gallery [Huddersfield, UK]

Digital video (generative). Silent. Duration 1:01:15

keywords: walk, redacre, psychogeography, mytholmroyd


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