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§ redacted v1.2 {typeface}

The 'Redacted' typeface (regular, italic, black), is a typographic and pedagogic tool. The font emerged from concepts that surrounded the problem of typesetting Gogol's 'Nose'. The act of cutting/concealing was important in this design process. The typeface is based upon an open font called 'Linux Libertine', and this new typeface is available to download and use under the same licencing terms.

There are three weights - regular, italic and black. The typeface is limited to upper/lower-case alpha numeric glyphs, plus a minimal set of punctuation marks and other essential characters.

Regular is the basic serif typeface.

Italic is a 'cut' variant; the lower portion of upper case characters , and upper portion of lower case character are cut away. This disguises meaning and affects reading.

Black is a 'redacted' variant; only a hint of character ascenders and descenders remain.

As a pedagogic tool, this typeface enables any complex text to be edited; meaning can be disguised and emphasis magnified.

keywords: typography, font, typeface, pedagogy, graphic design


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