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This commissioned work is the latest in an ongoing series of digital artworks that explores the graphic potential of GPS noise. Inverting the conventional use of GPS devices, a geographically fixed GPS device no longer records a physical journey, but the noise in the system – the changing signal strengths reflecting the position of the orbiting satellites, interference caused by local atmospheric conditions, a flock of birds flying overhead … This recorded data describes imaginary journeys, events and impossible geographies.

A series of texts are written by the artist, as a personal response to the location of the Peterloo Massacre (1819) in Manchester. These texts become part of an intertextual work that references the narrative of the day.

Funded by The Arts Council, England

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20.07.2006 to 29.07.2006
Off the Map, Futuresonic, Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester [UK]

Digital video (generative). Stereo. Duration 27:20

keywords: psychogeography, text, noise, peterloo, typography


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redraw(III); from Rob Lycett on Vimeo.